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​COTRA has the experience and technical ability to be able to support product and system development carried out by your organisation. Alternatively COTRA is able to conduct full scale testing and trials of engineering systems, products and proprietary items. All trials and testing are specifically designed around the test item and the developers research needs to provide them with the appropriate data sets. Typical areas of interest include;

  • Destructive and NDT of materials.

  • Capacity testing of structural members.

  • Testing of structural scale models.

  • Numerical and physical validation of novel structural systems including modular buildings and MMC.

  • Ballistic trials.

  • Blast and weapons trials.

  • Product testing for fitness for purpose validation.

  • Integrity testing of clothing textiles.

  • Wearer testing for new clothing products.

  • Development of safety clothing and protective garments.

  • Anthropomorphic studies for garment development.

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