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Defeating the Threat

​Military and Government infrastructure is naturally targeted by an aggressor seeking to disrupt your way of life. COTRA has the proven ability and knowledge to protect you from deliberate attack from state and non-state actors. COTRA offers services in the following areas;

  • Weapons Effects on Structures calculations.

  • Blast mitigation from conventional weapons.

  • Blast effects calculations and damage assessments.

  • Penetration assessments.

  • Ballistic protection from SAA.

  • Fragmentation predictions for cased munitions.

  • Protection from fragmenting munitions.

  • Protection from shaped charges and anti-tank weapons.

  • Nuclear weapons effects calculations.

  • Cratering assessments.

  • Ground shock analysis.

  • Breaching analysis.

  • Dynamic analysis of structures and buildings.

  • Design of protective structures and buildings.

  • Design of underground facilities.

  • Consequence analysis.

  • CCD

  • CBRN protection.

  • Progressive and disproportionate collapse analysis. 

Weapons Protection: Services
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