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​In today's world businesses and individuals are increasingly exposed to critical threats from crime, terrorism and sabotage. Lone individuals, organised groups and criminal networks all seek to damage you and your activities. The ability of your business and household to survive an event and operate afterwards is your key requirement whether you are the target or collateral. COTRA can protect you through its recognised expertise and proven abilities in the fields of Security and Counter-terrorist measures. Typical areas of interest are;

  • Blast Mitigation.

  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation.

  • Building surveys and survivability assessments.

  • Consequence analysis.

  • Maximum probable loss estimates for insurance purposes.

  • Glazing hazard assessments and design

  • Bomb shelter advice and design

  • Mail Scanner and X-ray room design

  • Protected space advice and design

  • Security control room design

  • Penetration surveys.

  • Design of security systems including access control systems

  • CCTV surveillance.

  • Perimeter intruder protection systems.

  • Fencing systems.

  • Intruder detection systems

  • Public address, voice alarm and intercom

  • Personal attack systems.

Security Engineering & CTM: Services
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