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Recording the Facts

On site inspection and monitoring capabilities are at the heart of these services. COTRA has the ability to perform physical surveys, structural inspections, technical audits, structural monitoring and data capture for all building and structure types.

COTRA’s expertise encompasses the following areas;

Structural Surveys.

  • Structural surveys for mortgage and insurance purposes.

  • Structural surveys to determine causes of damage and distress.

  • Structural monitoring to aid diagnosis of building damage.

  • Subsidence monitoring and diagnosis.

  • Condition surveys to determine structural safety.

  • Professional appraisals of buildings and structures including numerical analysis to determine fitness for purpose.

  • "As is" condition surveys to support developers and architects design development.

  • Structural surveys and safety assessments for building refurbishment and change of use.

  • Data logging for forward maintenance planning.

  • Inspecting and recording actual condition of buildings for developer investment cost planning.

  • Emergency surveys to assess building and structure safety under accident conditions.

  • Post incident surveys e.g. fire, vehicle impact to determine future usage of building and inform insurance bodies of probable maximum loss.

  • Bomb damage assessments.

Party Wall Services.

COTRA is able to offer the full range of party wall surveyor functions in accordance with the Party Wall Act 1996.

Expert Witness. 

COTRA is experienced in acting as an expert witness in the specific areas of;

  • Subsidence.

  • Building movement.

  • Building and infrastructure damage due to historic mine workings.

  • General structural distress.

  • Disputes regarding design calculations and design standards.

  • Determining fitness for purpose.

  • Post terrorist attack inquiry.

  • Bomb damage assessment.

All surveys and monitoring programs are developed directly for the clients specific needs in order to support their operations.

Structural surveys, party wall services & Expert Witness: Services
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